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History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again

Peer Mentoring Is:

Provided by a peer, not a mental health/addictions professional. A trained peer is someone who has endured struggles like your own and is uniquely capable of giving support that is nondirective, and nonjudgmental.

An asset to help you succeed on the road to recovery

Provided by a caring individual who wants to see you enjoy success

Don't You Wish You Had Somebody...?

You could talk to that would not only listen to you but who could relate to you

Who knows what it is like to suffer through the guilt, stress, confusion, and disappointment of addiction

Who understands the challenge of rebuilding relationships, careers, families, and self-esteem

Peer Mentoring may be the answer you have been seeking.

What Do Peer Mentors Do?

Peer mentors are individuals who have endured similar life experiences with those they help. Because of shared struggles and first-hand knowledge peers are uniquely suited to help each other. This experience promotes support and hope which leads to personal growth, a state of wellness, and recovery. Peer mentors can:

Bring hope to people in recovery by sharing their experiences.

Provide positive role modeling

Openly and actively listen to you

Meet with you privately in a safe and supportive environment

Inspire you through experience

Help you to become independent and self-sufficient

Help you set reasonable goals and overcome problems

Offer options and services in the community you may be unaware of

Help you develop decision-making skills

Advocate on your behalf

Peer mentors are real people who have experienced abusive behaviors and recovery. They understand what it is to be an addict. They know the guilt, stress, confusion, and loss that addiction brings. They understand how hard it can be to rebuild relationships, careers, families and self-esteem. They understand because they experienced it.

Support and Encouragement

Your peer mentor works with you to overcome setbacks and challenging situations by assisting with transportation and/or accompaniment to:

Narcotics Anonymous meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

Celebrate Recovery meetings

Mental health appointments

Medical appointments

Social Security appointments

Court appearances

Employment Offices

If you experience a major setback your peer mentor will visit you in jail so that you can make plans to get back on track immediately.

How Do I Get a Peer Mentor?

You can be Referred by clinician or parole officer. If you want to benefit from a peer mentor, ask to be referred for peer mentoring services.

"There was this person they call A peer mentor. I'm pretty sure that heaven Sent her. She helped to guide me through My addiction I would have died, and that's Not fiction. Now I'm healthy and clean from Dope So what does a peer mentor mean to Me? She means the world, and life she Helped set free"

Anonymous Local Author

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Contact a peer mentor.