Assessment & Taxation

Our mission is to appraise property accurately as well as collect and distribute taxes in a timely manner. Our sole purpose is to be fiscally responsible to the citizens of Umatilla County while providing the highest level of integrity, efficiency and customer service.


The Assessor's Office Responsibilites:

-Prepares, maintains and provides maps including subdivision, partitioning and code identification and information on property locations, descriptions and ownership on all taxable and exempt property.


-Inventories all property including quality, quantity, and important characteristics.


-Estimates the market value of each taxable property.


-Manages special programs such as farm and forest assessments, veterans' exemptions, senior/disabled deferrals, and all exemption programs.


-Administers all Special Assessment Statutes that pertain to certain classes of property.


-Reviews and prepares property review requests, appeals, and explains the assessment process used.


-Prepares the assessment roll.


Taxes will be updated after October 25th of any given year. Please Note: For accurate figures on property within multiple tax district code areas, AKA: combined split codes, please call the Assessor office 541-278-6219.