Adopted Transit Development Plan

The Umatilla County Transit Development Plan (TDP) is intended to guide future transit investments and communicate a coordinated vision for transit service and access to transit across all of Umatilla County. The TDP includes information on transit services today, the process and outcomes from the system evaluation, prioritized project packages, and an implementation plan to get services on the ground. The TDP relies on historic, existing, and projected information and, while it provides guidance, the priorities can change based on needs of Umatilla County residents, employees, and visitors, as well as funding opportunities and other factors. The TDP was adopted by the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners June 2023, upon recommendation by the Umatilla County Transportation Advisory Committee (UCTAC).


The Executive Summary provides a condensed overview of the Transit Development Plan. 

Umatilla County Transit Development Plan

What does this project do?

The purpose of the Umatilla County Transit Development Plan is to identify transit services to meet the needs of existing and future travel demands. This plan will:

  1. Identify which transit options are best suited to meet existing and future needs in an efficient manner
  2. Evaluate transit vehicle alternatives, bus stop and facility improvements, and public transportation system technologies
  3. Provide an understanding of the benefits of future transit service opportunities to align to potential future funding criteria
  4. Clearly communicate strategies that promote future implementation success

Why is it important?

Currently, Umatilla County does not have a transit plan. A transit plan will not only identify the needs and services to address them, but will also help to identify funding opportunities, especially with more nationwide funding becoming available. Additionally, this plan will identify the implementation strategies to successfully get project recommendations started on-the-ground and get transit partners on the same page.

What’s the timeline?

Summer 2022: Understand Existing and Future Transit System Infrastructure/Programs

Fall 2022: Identify Future Service Opportunities

Winter 2023: Draft Transit Development Plan (TDP)

Spring 2023: Revise TDP

How can I get involved?

You can provide input at any time throughout the project via the contact information below. We’ll also be looking for input at key stages of the project, such as your input on existing transit use and needs in the summer of 2022, and your input on the future service opportunities in the fall of 2022. The public is welcome to attend and listen-in on Advisory Committee meetings and the draft plan presentations to the Umatilla County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners in the spring of 2023.


Meeting Materials

Meeting materials are posted online.

Click here to view.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments, please reach out to Megan Davchevski, Transit Coordinator, or 541-278-6246.

Mailed comments can also be sent to: 216 SE 4th St. Pendleton, OR 97801.