Flood Assistance & Events

Multi-Agency Resource Center for Flood Assistance
Multi-Agency Resource Center for Flood Assistance
Noon to 8 p.m. Thrusday, Feb. 13
Pendleton Convention Center

North County/Milton-Freewater Flood Assistance
Thursday, Feb. 13, and Friday, Feb. 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Umatilla County Extension Office - Milton Freewater, 418 N. Main St.
Get help completing damage, economic and agricultural losses forms

Get help with:
 ·Damage/impacts reporting
 ·Filing for unemployment
 ·Finding housing
 ·Document Replacement
 ·Insurance Questions
 ·Public health information

Damage and Economic Loss Reporting

Homeowners, Renters, Businesses - Structural Losses (homes, buildings, offices)

  • Complete the online reporting survey here.
  • Those without internet access may call the Flood Information Line to report damage: 541-966-3671. (Phone staff is limited. Use only if online form is not an option.)

  • Business & Economic Losses
      1) Click here to Download and complete form.
      2) Submit the form by email, fax or in-person.
    Email: eoc@umatillacounty.net
    Fax: 541-278-5496
    Drop off : Pendleton, Stanfield or Milton-Freewater city halls or Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office (4700 NW Pioneer Place, Pendleton)

    Agricultural Losses
     1) Download and complete form.
     2) Submit the form by email, fax or in-person.
    Email eoc@umatillacounty.net
    Fax: 541-278-5496
    Drop off : Pendleton, Stanfield or Milton-Freewater city halls or Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office (4700 NW Pioneer Place, Pendleton)


    Dumpsters Available – Only for residents affected by the flooding
     ·Pendleton/Riverside Areas: At the corner of 35th and King Street in Riverside. Call (541) 276-1271 for more information.
     ·Milton-Freewater Areas: At Marie Dorion Park off Couse Creek Road. Call (541) 938-4188 for more information or to report full dumpsters.
     ·Echo/Stanfield Meadows Areas: By the railroad tracks off Thielsen Street and at the St. Peters Historical Catholic Church on Leezer Street. Call (541) 376-8411 for more information or to report full dumpsters at (541) 567-9350.
     ·CTUIR Reservation: Call (541) 276-4040 for location information.
    *As new dumpster locations are added, this information will be updated.
    When using dumpsters, DO NOT:
     ·Stack materials around the dumpsters on the ground or block access to the dumpsters.
     ·Bring demolition/structural materials, the dumpsters are for waste generated by the recent flooding only.
     ·Dump explosives, or hazardous or toxic materials.

    FREE Clean-Up Assistance Hotline

    Need help with clean-up/muck-out? Call 844-965-1386
    This hotline will connect you to reputable and vetted relief agencies that will assist in debris clean-up and mucking out. Response times will vary due to overwhelming need, so please be patient.

    Volunteers & Donations

    Volunteers – if you want to help with the clean-up effort, stop by the Red Cross booth at the Multi Agency Resource Event at the Pendleton Convention Center, 1601 Westgate from Noon-8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13. You can also visit the Red Cross shelter established at the Pendleton Armory.
    Donations – Due to a lack of storage space, cash donations are preferred and can be made at:
     · Pendleton region/Umatilla County: CAPECO
     · Milton-Freewater: Blue Mountain
     · Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation: Send a check to: CTUIR (Attn: Accounts Receivable), 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton, OR 97801

    2020 Public Health Flood Information

    1. What to do when your water source is flooded
    2. Qué hacer cuando se inunda su fuente de agua
    3. How to disinfect your drinking water well after a flood event
    4. Agua Potable Segura - Durante una Inundación

    5. Food
    6. Flood Food Safety CDC.gov

    7. Septic
    8. How to care for your Septic System after a flood event
    9. Sistemas sépticos: ¿Qué hacer después de una inundación?
    10. Milton-Freewater:
      Bob Humbert & Sons Inc., 541-938-3488
      Doug’s Septic Service, 541-938 7405
      Pendleton: Arne’s Septic, 541-276-6595
      Hermiston: Westfall Septic, 541-567-8940

    11. Homeowner's and Renter's guide to mold cleanup after disasters
    13. Cleaning up after a flood - Hazardous Materials (Click link and scroll down to "Hazardous Materials")
    Private well water quality testing resources:
    Table Rock Water Testing, Pendleton

    KUO, Umatilla


    Umatilla County urges property owners impacted by recent flooding to be aware that permits are required prior to replacing or making repairs to damaged structures.
    Umatilla County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). All NFIP-participating communities have adopted locally-enforced flood damage reduction regulations. These regulations, which reflect minimum federal criteria for flood damage prevention, require that a floodplain development permit be obtained before any activities occur in the Special Flood Hazard Area. The Special Flood Hazard Area includes areas in floodplains where floods have a one percent
    probability of occurring in any given year in a Special Flood Hazard Area. Umatilla County will waive certain permit fees for properties impacted by flooding.

    To determine if your structure is in a Special Flood Hazard Area, review a copy of the community Flood Insurance Rate Map located at the Umatilla County Planning Department, 216 SE 4th Street (Courthouse Room #104), Pendleton, OR 97801 or download a free flood map for your area from fema.gov