The Milton-Freewater office will be closed until further notice.  Please contact County Planning at (541)278-6300 for burn permits.  They are also available on this webpage, and can be mailed in for processing as well. 


   418 N Main, MF    

Permits are always available on the county website, and at the County Courthouse in Pendleton Mon ~ Fri.

Don't forget to renew your permit for 2020!

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  1. Click here to download BURN PERMIT application for residential burning
  2. Click here to download SMOKE MANAGEMENT application for agricultural burning

Designated Burn/No Burn Days

The designation of a Burn or No Burn day shall apply to all areas of the county. The following days will automatically constitute No Burn days:
    • Air stagnation days. Days that are designated by the National Weather Service.
    • Fire Safety Days. Days on which the State Fire Marshall, his designated agent, or the Board of Commissioners has determined burning should be prohibited based on general fire safety conditions.
    • Haze reduction days. The following days will be Haze Reduction Days:
      • Pendleton Round-Up. Open burning covered by this permit, is prohibited county wide from the Saturday preceding Round-Up through the Sunday following Round-Up.
      • National Holidays. Memorial Day weekend (Saturday through Monday). July 4th (Independence Day). Labor Day weekend (Saturday through Monday).
      • Other Festivals & Events. For the events listed below, no open burning will be allowed within a radius of three miles of the event site, nor within 5 miles generally upwind of the site.
        • Umatilla County Fair & Farm City Pro Rodeo (Hermiston).
        • Fort Henrietta Days Celebration (Echo).
        • Hermiston Days
        • OSU/USDA Experimental Station Research Field Day (Adams).
        • Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation events (to be identified and applied for inclusion on a yearly basis).
        • Caledonian Games (Athena).
        • Muddy-Frogwater Festival (Milton-Freewater).
        • Walla Walla County Fair (Walla Walla)