June 19, 2019

Umatilla County Courthouse, Room 130

9:00 a.m.

A.       Call to order.

B.      Pledge of Allegiance

C.     Chair’s introductory comments, reminder that meeting is public.

D.     Awards/Recognitions/Correspondence 

E.     Acknowledgment of minutes of previous meeting

F.      Additions to Agenda

G.      Public Input and Recognition of Visitors

H.        Business items:      

                1.    Bond Issuance - Public Hearing
                2.    Presentations by Soil & Water Conservation District
                        & Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council                           
                3.    Fee Ordinance Amendment - Public Hearing
                4.    Planning Commission Appointment
                5.    Road Naming
                6.    RARE Intern
                7.    Burn Ban
                8.    Tillamook County Mutual Aid
                9.    SBHC Renovation - PHS
                10.  SBHC Renovation - SMS
                11.  Position Reclassification - Veterans Office
                12.  Position Reclassification - DD Program
                13.  Sale of Property
                14.  Property Auction
                15.  Purchase of Vehicle - Youth Services
                16.  Property/Liability Insurance
                17.  Pendleton/Pilot Rock Enterprise Zone
                18.  Financial Accounts Update
                19.  Eurus Community Benefit Plan Grants
                20.  Eastern Oregon Counties Association
                21.  Supplemental Budgets - Public Hearing
                22.  Budget Transfers
                23.  Pendleton Convention Center Payable
                24.  Board Meeting Schedule
                25.  Workforce Development Board
                26.  City of Pendleton Grant Application Support
                27.  Executive Session - Employment - ORS 192.660(2)(a,b,h)               
I.       Commissioners' Reports             



The mission of Umatilla County is to serve the citizens of Umatilla County efficiently and effectively.