What is Assessment and Taxation Department?

Umatilla County Assessment information now available online.
Click here to look up your Property taxes online Taxes will be updated after October 25th of any given year. Please Note: For accurate figures on property within multiple tax district code areas, AKA: combined split codes, please call the Assessor office 541-276-7111.

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The Assessment and Taxation Department is responsible for a variety of tasks: appraisals of both real and personal property; keeping track of ownership of land; mailing tax statements; and collecting taxes to be turned over to the Finance Department. This Department keeps track of 43,758 properties within the County. Staff is responsible for insuring the accuracy of assessed values, processing recorded documents and assigning values to newly created parcels. The reappraisal of these properties is an ongoing process. We calculate a tax levy for each of the 64 districts each year. This includes cities, schools, Fire Districts, Cemetery Districts and a variety of other taxing authorities, who use the tax roll to generate their revenue source. The Director of A&T certifies a total assessed value each year. Once the roll has been certified, the tax statements can be generated and money collected. The Taxation side of this department collects the tax money and figures the allocation of all tax dollars to each district

Download Address Change Form


  1. Consolidation Request Form
  2. Address Change Form (Change of address requests must be submitted in writing to the Assessment & Taxation Dept.)
  3. Real Property Return
  4. Real Property Petition
  5. Personal Property Return
  6. Personal Property Petition
  7. Petition for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty
  8. Authorization to Represent
  9. Property Tax Appeal Forms

  10. Farm Deferral Information and Forms:
  11. Information About Assessment of Farmland non-EFU
  12. Information About Assessment of Farmland EFU
  13. Income Questionaire pdf
  14. Income Questionaire MS Word
  15. Farm Deferral Application pdf
  16. Farm Deferral Application MS Word

Informational Documents

  1. Assessment of Farmland Not in an Exclusive Farm-Use Zone
  2. How to Appeal Your Property Value
  3. Local Budget Law
  4. Manufactured Structure Assessment and Taxation
  5. Oregon Property Tax Deferral for Disabled and Senior Citizens
  6. Personal Property Assessment and Taxation
  7. Property Tax Payment Procedure
  8. Proration of Tax for Fire or an Act of God
  9. Real Property Foreclosure
  10. Supervisory Power Property Appeals Procedure
  11. Veterans Property Tax Exemption

  12. 2016-2017 Tax Rates by Code Area
  13. 2015-2016 Tax Rates by Code Area
  14. 2014-2015 Tax Rates by Code Area
  15. 2013-2014 Tax Rates by Code Area
  16. 2012-2013 Tax Rates by Code Area
  17. 2011-2012 Tax Rates by Code Area
  18. 2010-2011 Tax Rates by Code Area